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Developers of the first sulforaphane glucosinolate ingredient and dietary supplement from broccoli the home of Vitalica®, Vitalica™ Plus.

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The Natural Power
of Broccoli

Mama always said, "Eat your broccoli!" Little did she know the cruciferious vegetable, had such a big impact on your body. Many studies have been conducted on broccoli, a number of which have found that it effectively administers numerous benefits including toxin elimination, detoxification, and boosting your immune system.* The main component to these benefits is Glucoraphanin. This component has been tied to a legion of health benefits, via the body's action of converting glucoraphanin to sulforaphane.

Since the discovery of sulforaphane, it has been demonstrated, by over 55,000 citations, to be related to a number of bodily functions,

Why is Sulforaphane so important to your body?

Our bodies are exposed to chemicals everyday but our body has a natural detoxification system that helps to get rid of harmful substances. Sulforaphane is a phytochemical that promotes your natural detoxification system. When ingested sulforaphane helps increase the producton of Phase II enzymes promoting natural detoxification.

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The CS Health Difference

  1. We have introduced and 'patented' (PLANT VARIETY PROTECTION) three new broccoli seed varieties, unsurpassed in glucoraphanin content. These were completed using traditional cross-breeding methods and are all NON-GMO.
  2. We were the first company to produce and deliver a capsule using glucoraphanin, which is named Vitalica®.
  3. We were the first company to purify broccoli seed oil, containing sulforaphane, and use it to produce several new skin care products, that will soon be introduced as our formal VitaliCare™ line.
  4. We were the first company to isolate and produce the enzyme myrosinase from broccoli, which significantly boosts the conversion of glucoraphanin to sulforaphane and its potency, which remains at the top of the market in its beneficial effect.