The CS Health Story

CS health is a subsidiary company of a seven-decades-old agricultural production company, Caudill Seed, with it's headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. Our expertise in agriculture had propelled us to work with leading Universities studying the newly found compound, sulforaphane glucosinolate. From the beginning, we have strived to become an innovator and deliver exceptional products to the world. We owe a huge thanks to our customers for joining us on our journey and hope you can be part of our story.


Our road to innovation


Introduction of the first glucoraphanin broccoli supplement


CS health, through its parent company, announces the receipt of a USDA plant variey protection (PVP) certificate for its ‘Hopkins’ broccoli seed variety; ‘PVP’ grants ownership protection, much like a patent, ensuring that no one else has access to that variety.


First successful sequestration of broccoli seed myrosinase ingredient for commercial purposes.


First successful sequestration of commercial broccoli seed-derived sulforaphane for cosmetic purpose.


CS Health announces the second pvp for the development of the broccoli variety ‘sano verde.’ Recipient of the “excellence in health product innovation” award.


Introduction of activated Vitalica® (Vitalica plus) dietary supplement which added our proprietary myrosinase to our BroccoRaphanin® ingredient to create the first enzyme activated sulforaphane glucosinolate product. 


Introduction to the new product line VitaliCare, utilizing our stabilized sulforaphane.

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