Experience the CS Health

Not All Supplements
Are The Same

There is a big difference between the ingredients in our products and competitors. If you look at any supplements made with broccoli seed there is on a major problem: many companies use commercial broccoli seed.

Studies on our ingredients have shown more than double the potency of commercial broccoli seed.

The glucoraphanin content of the seed determines the quality of the finished product. The Three samples to the left look the same but their glucoraphanin content varies widely. Competitors claim to use seed are limited to commercially available varieties.

Commercially available varieties usually contain GR values below 100.

CS Health, with its parent, Caudill Seed Company, began breeding its own broccoli seed, on a non-GMO basis, to increase glucoraphanin content. Our seed is now the most potent on the planet.

Comparative results of three capsules.

Vitalica Capsule (left) opens uniformly and converts to SFN West Cost MFG. The capsule has difficulty converting East Coast University Sample is too 'Kernelized' to allow for beneficial solubility.