Humble Beginnings

CS Health is an offspring of CSC, Inc. of Louisville, KY. Its mission is for the development, manufacture, and distribution of dietary supplement products, cosmeceuticals, and food additives. CSC, Inc. began operations in 1947 as an agricultural seed producer and distributor. Shortly thereafter began diversifying its core business, first by processing natural and organic seeds and beans, later by hybridizing varieties, and eventually developing unique germplasm of turf seeds and brassicas without the use of bioengineering. Over 40 years ago, CSC broadened its interest in organic sprouting seeds and beans, and in short order became North America’s largest supplier of those natural consumables. CSC’s Sunshine Sprouting Equipment manufacturing arm was organized thereafter in order to provide the sprouting industry with a complete line of sprouting seeds and beans, commercial sprouting equipment, and ancillary products. The Whole Alternatives Division soon followed as a supplier of commercial and organic whole and processed foods.

Diversifying the Business

The conjunction of CSC’s sprouting operation, its hand in new broccoli variety development, its association with leading universities (whose researchers began to focus on the healthful benefits of cruciferous vegetables and their beneficial components), and its technological leap forward in isolating and delivering those beneficial components, led to the capitalization of CS Health.

Continued Growth

CS Health will continue to introduce exciting new products without peer as to their scientific pedigree.